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The SousVide Supreme is the world’s first water oven designed specifically to bring the gourmet sous vide cooking method into home and small restaurant kitchens. Sous Vide cooking locks in the flavor and preserves the nutritional quality of whatever food is cooked inside. The result is food of incomparable taste and texture: steak perfectly cooked edge-to-edge, vibrant vegetables, juicy tender chicken breasts, and ribs with the meat literally falling off the bone. All at the push of a button.



  • Sleek all-in-one design
  •     PID controller ensures precise temperature control to 1 degree Fahrenheit (0.5 degrees Celsius)
  •     Energy efficient engineering- Patented design with double wall insulation retains heat making it energy efficient, while keeping the exterior safe to touch.
  •     Quiet operation - The unique patented design maintains precisely-controlled water temperature without the need for a motor, allowing it to be completely silent when in use.
  •     Safe - Double-wall insulation with cool-touch exterior means it is safe in your kitchen. It is also UL certified for household use. 
  • Push button simplicity
  •     Self-contained design - The aluminum lid contains steam and maximizes energy-efficiency. The lid also doubles as a tray for transporting pouches.
  • Counter worthy style in a small footprint (about the size of a bread maker)


SousVide Supreme 11-liter water oven includes:

  • Stainless steel universal pouch rack for easy positioning of pouches
  • Stainless steel lid, which doubles as drip tray for pouch transport
  • Detachable power cord
  • Insulated lid blanket to retain heat
  • Perforated bottom grill designed to generate thermal turbulence
  • User Manual with cooking time/temperature charts and recipes



  • Display Digital LED
  • Adjustable in increments of 1ºF (0.5ºC)
  • Range 86ºF to 210ºF (30º to 99ºC)

Precision 1ºF (0.5ºC)

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